Promixis 16 Relay Board

Promixis 16 Relay Board
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DC Power Supply
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Promixis PRB-16 Relay board features 16 signal relays for your automation projects. It can be driven from Girder, your own program through our API using the USB connection or via an IR Remote Control. Relays can be configured to switch on for a certain duration or simply stay switched on.

The relay ratings are 220VDC/250VAC at 2A. Please derate relays appropriately for your application. The PRB-16 is field upgradable so if any new firmware becomes available you can upgrade.

The Remote control buttons to which the PRB-16 responds can be programmed through the USB interface. The PRB-16 allows for 32 different buttons which each can turn on/off any combination of relays with durations ranging from 500mS to 9 hours. This means that the PRB-16 can be controlled from IR signals (without USB connection) or through a USB connection


  • Dimensions:4 1/4 x 2 5/8"
  • Weight: 3oz
  • Power: 12v / 250mA (sold separately)

Note unlike the PIR-1/PIR-4/PIO-1 the PRB-16 comes as a board without a case and is intended for electronics enthusiasts.

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